make-up lessons

At mp studio we believe in giving our clients the confidence to recreate our make-up looks.


We offer a variety of different make-up lessons and welcome everyone from the complete beginner to the professional make-up artist looking to perfect their technique. 

For an intimate experience, we offer one-to-one lessons. Whether you choose to bring a model or work on yourself, we will guide you through each step and tailor the lesson to whatever you wish to learn. 

These lessons are brilliant for anybody and any age! we will work through the whole face, one of our artists will guide you through one half of your face before you have a go yourself!

Lessons time - 1 hour

Price - £30.00


As your children grow up we all know that they want to follow your foot steps and love playing in your make-up bag, or they want their own. BUT are they using the correct products and doing it in the right way? If not our Under 16's Make-Up Lessons would be a great thing for them!

In this lesson the learner will be shown how to look after their skin, apply the correct make-up for their age to boost self esteem and confidence, not to look like a Drag Queen (even though we all love them)! 

1) How to cover up spots without drawing attention to them
2) How to choose the perfect foundation that won’t look like a mask
3) Simple eye techniques to compliment your eye colour
4) Ways to add glamour to your makeup look for party season
5) Colour selection (cheeks, lips, eyes)

Lesson time - 1 hour 

Price - £25.00 (1 learner)      £40.00 (2 Learners) 

Under 16's Make-Up Lessons

Let your younger ones learn how to put make-up on correctly!

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